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We apologize for the inconvenience; our office has closed and we are currently able to offer onsite services only.


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About Us

Quick Trax, LLC was formed out of a desire to assist employers with maintaining a safe, drug-free workplace without sacrificing efficiency and productivity.   We know it is difficult for employers to maintain workflow when a team member must be removed from service for drug and alcohol testing.  Our team is committed to providing you the support you need in your testing program, so you will experience minimum downtime.


Because we understand the devastation resulting from drug and alcohol abuse, and how critical early detection can be,  it was the hope of our founders that we might also assist employers in identifying employees who may be struggling with substance abuse issues so that they may receive treatment.  


With over twenty years of experience in law enforcement, risk management, security, and investigations, our founders understand the impact of addiction on businesses, families, and employers.   Let Quick Trax be your partner in maintaining a safe, drug-free workplace. 


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